Northwest Mailing Inc., a locally owned company, is enjoying its 13th year of providing mailing solutions for businesses within our marketing area:  All of Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, and Eastern Oregon.

Dwayne Alexander, President and CEO since the company’s inception, is proud to report that NWMailing has garnered 70% of market share since its humble beginnings in June of 2002.

Our mission at NWMailing is customer focused:  We utilize a consultative approach to determine optimal hardware/software solutions.  We strive to provide integrated mailing and document handling solutions to our clients at a greater value than offered by our competitors.  We pride ourselves on the quality processes we use interacting with our customers to aid them in their decision making, and our proactive approach to problem elimination.      

Our employees are the heart of our business and the core of our success.  We have carefully grown from our original five employees to our present dedicated twenty-three co-workers.

We have eight dedicated Account Managers that match your needs with product solutions from the above companies.

We provide eight dedicated service technicians to ensure your product choices will always meet your expectations.

We maintain an administrative staff of six cross-trained team players to ensure day to day business viability.

We employ one tireless telemarketer to spread the word to our non-customers that they do have options in their business choices.

We continually survey for customer satisfaction:  Our results indicate that 95% of our customers are currently very pleased with NWMailing.

In our evolving, complex, and technical environment, your employees and your bottom line will enjoy our competency and user friendliness.